Archer’s annual STEM Symposium is an opportunity for Los Angeles high school students who have completed independent or small group projects in STEM to present their findings. Students are invited to present their research in the fields of molecular biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

The Archer RISE Award honors exceptional young women for their innovative scientific research or engineering design projects that further existing knowledge or develop solutions to pressing scientific challenges. Finalists for the RISE Award are noted in throughout the online program and will be awarded at lunch on May 21.

A special note of thanks…

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Roberta Weintraub for her generous support of and contributions to the 2016 Archer Student STEM Symposium and RISE Award. Her ongoing commitment to Archer’s STEM programs has allowed us to design innovative learning experiences for our girls and to expand the reach beyond the walls of Archer.

We would also like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to the conference: Elizabeth English, Samantha Coyne-Donnel, Sara Billings and the Archer Advancement Department, Quyen Ngo, Sharifah Williams, Gena Carpenter, Dan In, Janet Lyon and the Archer Facilities Staff, John Chen, Jose Hernandez, and the Archer Technology Department, and all of Archer’s science teachers:

Shane Berning

Lindsay Browder

Mike Carter

Cush Gillen

Erin Harris

Kelsie Honda

Jerilyn Joel

Jacob London

Hanna Shohfi

Crystal Sengstaken

Sammy Torres